From: Judy
Subject: Re: Power failure…
Date: April 2, 2017 at 11:00:44 AM EDT
To: David Wohst <>
The power was out a full 24 hours coming back on between 11:30 PM and 1AM this morning. I woke up at 1 and no longer heard the hum of my generator, checked to see if the men were still working and all the trucks were gone. There were 4 or 5 trucks working on the lines plus a tree service truck to remove the fallen tree. It took down 3 telephone poles with it breaking 2 in half. It’s amazing and quite wonderful that no one was hurt as Harrison Avenue is heavily traveled. Fortunately it occurred just after midnight so much less traffic at that hour. I continue to say thank you for my wonderful generator. It ran my house as normal and but for the hum of it in the background I never would have guessed I was in the middle of a po wer outage. Fabulous! Here’s what it looked like late yesterday afternoon after the tree had been removed.

Hi Judy,

Wow……Glad to hear all is running well there.
Between 100-150 hours of use is where we like to service so 4-6 days of usage.
I suspect Con Ed will have power back late this afternoon but if is out for extended period just let us know and we are here to assist!
Talk to you soon.


On Apr 1, 2017, at 9:29 AM, Judy wrote:
Hi David,
We lost power on this section of Harrison Ave. just after midnight. A tree came down across the road taking a telephone pole with it. Several transformers blew out. It was quite  a fireworks display and very loud! My trusty generator came right on and has been purring along ever since. They don’t have the tree out of the road yet but trucks are here as well as a lineman’s truck. Don’t know how long (hours or days) that we will not have power. My question to you is, how long can my generator run before it needs attention?

To the iPower Team,

The iPower system is really great, the neighborhood has lost power three times in the last two weeks and we just cruised on through.  Let me know when you can come check on the system.


Dear Ravi,

My experience with iPower was perfect from start to finish. Your team went the extra mile (literally — all the way to the coast of Maine) to ensure that my system was installed correctly. And when it appeared that the battery manufacturer had delivered the wrong batteries, your team ordered a new set at no extra charge, and made the trip again to personally install them, even after I offered to install them myself.

Then, a few days after installation, we woke one morning to learn from one of our neighbors that our neighborhood had lost power during the night and we were the only house with lights on. The iPower system had switched over so quickly that we never noticed.

You are a first-rate company and I would not hesitate to recommend your product and services to others.

Best Regards,


Dear Dave,

Thanks to the option of the iPower system, I am able to provide multiple backup power solutions for my clients. In many of the areas which require permits and rigid setbacks, the iPower system is the perfect solution.  Being that it’s quiet and almost unnoticeable, even if you’re in the same room, makes it a very attractive system.  The cool black or blue cabinet fits just about any home I’ve come across.

My wife and I just had our 2nd child so we want to replace our generator with an iPower system.  The emissions, noise pollution, and routine maintenance is something that we can finally do without now that there is a comparable solution.


Dear David,

I just want to thank you so very much for making my experience of owning the ipower unit one of the best  purchases ever.  Living in Pound Ridge, NY, power outages is part of the norm around here.  After much research in purchasing a conventional generator, this was a much smarter choice for less money and less headaches with installation.  The unit is super quiet and virtually maintenance free.
Many times when our area has had a power outage, we don’t even know it because the flow is so seamless without a power surge or noise.  It sounds to good to be true to some of my friends that have a conventional generator but when I show them the unit, they are amazed that it’s in my garage, very discreet (it looks like a file cabinet),efficient and quiet. 

The best part of all of this  is your customer service.  Very rarely do you get such great customer service from a company, especially when you need service at late hours and you have responded promptly and without hesitations.  With my consent, you have given my name to some potential buyers and I have recommended you and your company very highly every time.


Thanks for getting everything done so quickly in the cold weather. Very much appreciate the high quality work and great support you provided throughout this process.



A couple of weeks ago I had some friends from work over for a “cook in” (it was raining).  They had not been to my home but through the years lived through my various home projects including the generator.  We had talked about it, the general cost, what it does, the computer hook up, Generac VS Kohler, etc.  In the middle of the meal, and that conversation, we lost power and in 15 or so seconds the generator kicked on…like a well trained pet.  So I said, “I rest my case.”  Lost power for only a 10 minutes or so, but the point was well made.

And, yes, I certainly do feel that I’ve been getting my money’s worth and peace of mind is priceless.  The only thing that does make me nervous is keeping tabs on the propane.  At my height, 5’1’’, I can’t read the meters on each tank without a step stool and, unfortunately, there isn’t a way for a remote meter to be installed in the house.  Oh well, I just need to stay on top of that.

Again, thanks for keeping tabs.


Got my generator working just in time for the storm. Excellent work . Knew what was wrong Immediately. No guessing . Would definitely hire them again.

Rose G.

I am a new home owner and hired iPower systems to get my whole house generator in good working order before the Winter hits. I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable. The replaced some old filters, checked the oil and made sure everything was working well. They didn’t try to oversell me or take advantage. Will use again for sure.

Nella T