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iPower Generators: Generator Service Plans, Extended Warranties, and Installation

Almost every year, at least one major storm devastates our area. This vicious cycle shuts down businesses of all sizes and leaves families in the dark. It often takes hours or even days for power to be restored. Fortunately there are great solutions available for you to keep your life functioning.

An Automatic Standby Generator is of the best solutions when you need reliable, efficient back up power.  Whether you want partial or whole house coverage, iPower Generators can set you up with a system that meets your needs and budget.  We are a turnkey operation, we handle everything from the permit process, trenching, excavation and servicing your generator.

Our price for your installation will include all aspects of the installation, no need to worry about multiple contractors and scheduling inspections.  We handle anything and everything that is required to get your system installed.

We’re here to help with any questions you have for any backup power solution.

As always, the most important thing you can do for any piece of equipment you have is service it. Routine maintenance is imperative to ensure your investment will work for you when you need it. Click on our service calculator to purchase and schedule your next full maintenance call.