Generator Maintenance & Service FAQs

Generator Maintenance & Service FAQs2019-06-18T15:27:59-04:00
Can an automatic backup generator replace utility service?2018-10-30T04:19:00-04:00

No…the generator fuel costs would be much more expensive than buying power from the utility company since their cost to produce electricity is divided among thousands of customers. Our automatic generators are produced for use as backup to utility power specifically and should not be used as primary power. Please refer to the warranty policy for additional information.

Who do I call if I have an emergency?2018-10-30T04:28:05-04:00

US! We offer 24 hour support, if you leave a message on our voicemail it will be emailed to all of our techs and someone will get back to you within

Is iPower Generators an authorized service dealer for my Generac, Kohler or Briggs and Stratton Generator?2018-10-30T04:28:47-04:00

YES! We are an authorized warranty service dealer for the “Big Three.” We stock most parts replacement parts and all service parts for the air cooled units.

Does the warranty on my generator cover the periodic servicing of the unit?2018-10-30T04:31:45-04:00

Your manufacturer warranty covers the unit for equipment failure and/or defective parts during the warranty coverage period. Please contact us to purchase and extended warranty. (All units are not eligible)

Do you need access to the inside of the house when servicing my system?2018-10-30T04:32:38-04:00

Majority of our work is completed at the unit itself however we do like to perform a power outage simulation to ensure the transfer switch functions correctly, if the transfer switch is inside the house, then yes we would need access to the house.

When should I have my generator serviced?2018-10-30T04:33:36-04:00

Typically, at least once a year or 100-150 hours of use. Use our convenient maintenance calculator and scheduler to pick the recommended service plan for your unit. Best of all you will be able to schedule when you want the service to be completed.

Does my generator need maintenance even if I don’t use it?2018-10-30T04:34:19-04:00

YES! Over time the oil inside your generator will break down, condensation will build up and the wearable parts will start to become less effective. The installation of a generator is a significant investment, the cost of protecting it is a fraction of this cost.

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