Generac Generator Maintenance

Generac Generator Maintenance & Service in Fairfield County, CT

Your Generac standby generator protects your Fairfield County home and family from power outages and ensures your family’s comfort during an electrical emergency.

But who protects your generator and makes sure it’s primed and ready to run whenever you need it? Just like your car needs periodic oil changes and tune-ups, your Generac generator needs to be maintained regularly, too!

Maintaining Your Generac Generator in Fairfield County

The owner’s manual specifies the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance routine for your specific model of Generac standby generator. But do you have the time or expertise to service your own generator? Do you even know where to find the manual?

A generator maintenance & service plan from iPowerGenerators is the best way to make sure your Generac automatic standby generator is ready whenever the power goes out in Fairfield County. Our maintenance plans are customized for the size and age of your generator.

Features of our Generac Generator Maintenance Plans

Your Generac generator is powered by a combustion engine, just like your car. And just like your car’s engine, your generator’s engine needs a battery to start the engine, lubrication to keep the parts moving smoothly, and much more. Our maintenance plans cover these components:


Your generator’s battery provides the power to start the generator, but idle batteries lose cranking power over time. We check the battery cranking amps, clean battery posts and connectors, and check the battery charging circuit.

Oil Change & Filter

Oil lubricates the engine parts in your generator but loses its viscosity with use and breaks down over time, and the oil filter gets clogged with particles and dirt. We will drain and dispose of the used oil and filter, add new oil, and install a new oil filter.

Air Filter

Air filters remove airborne particles and dirt, and supply fresh, clean air to your generator. At each maintenance visit, we install a new air filter, and dispose of the old one.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the fuel / air mixture to power the engine that your generator uses to produce electricity, and combustion residue can impede ignition. We clean any residue, and install and test new, properly gapped spark plugs.

Engine Tune-up

For your generator to operate at peak efficiency, we check engine compression and make any necessary valve adjustments to optimize the performance of your generator.

Cooling & Venting System

The heat produced by your generator must be diffused to keep the engine parts in good working order. Whether your generator is air-cooled and liquid-cooled, we have custom maintenance plans for you.


We inspect your generator and clean out dust, carbon deposits, and any other operating residue.

Generac Generator Maintenance Plans from iPowerGenerators for Fairfield County Homes

iPowerGenerators service & maintenance plans meet the specific requirements of Generac standby generators in Fairfield County, CT. We maintain and service automatic standby generators of all sizes and all ages, air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

When iPowerGenerators handles maintenance of your Generac generator, you can be sure that the next time the power goes out in Fairfield County, your house will be fully powered.